“Find the best pickup line to get a woman”

Finding a good pick up line is not easy, but if it is found then it can do wonders. The main reason why we invest in finding reliable lines is because those lines are the ones that get the guy or the guy talking. Simply put, a pick up line is what sparks the discussion between a girl and the guy. Before we can explore various pick up lines that we can make use of, it is important to understand that pick up lines can be classified into various classes. For instance, we can classify pick up lines into funny pick up lines and sincere pick up lines. However, regardless of their categories, all forms of pick up lines are meant to serve one purpose. On the other hand, we may also consider pick up lines as lame or romantic. While analyzing pick up lines, it is important to understand that there are certain types of pick up lines which may not sound like pick up lines. For us to identify working pick up lines, we should consider if it is applicable at the time which is needed the most. In other words, we can simply say that for a pick up line to work, it should be capable of serving the right purpose at the right place and on the right individual. For more information about picking up women, you can read the dating guide and reviews on The online dating sites have the best options available for you. For our case, we will classify pick up lines in the following manner:

1. Sincere pick up lines

Normally, sincere pick up lines are used with sincere people, preferably sincere girls. Basically, such types of pick up lines are meant to dig truthful information. A typical sincere pick up line may read as follows “Hi, my name is Tony, I would like to meet you, and do you have a buddy who may introduce me to you?” From this line, it is very clear that whoever poses this pick up line is optimistic of being given a name of another person – the third party. Even though the intentions are not getting the details of the other party, the person will get to know the type of person he is dealing with. This is what will prepare him for the conversation.

2. Funny pick up lines

“Woo her with your sense of humor”

Ideally, funny pick up lines are designed and reserved for social places like pubs. They are the best lines in situations where everyone has moved beyond sober to being happy. Such pick up lines are humorous in nature. A good example which we can use for our case is “Would you mind if I drink with you?” Funny pick up lines can also be used in online dating sites. They are one of the best pick up lines that will make the conversations lively.

3. Romantic pick up lines

“Romantic lines always work on a woman”

For those who have adorable online dolls whom they can’t stop staring at, this may work for you “kindly give me the directions and procedures of getting into the bottom of your heart” or “You are so beautiful that you made me confused while selecting the best pick up line for you” By looking at these pick up lines, it is clear that romance has filled the environment in the conversation. Such pick up lines are rewarding because they will pass your intentions. In other words, they clearly indicate that you are in love with whoever you are communicating with.

4. Pick up lines that are ideal for Challenging situations

How will you get started if you want to engage the most beautiful girl in the party? Assuming that she is playing hard to get, it is not easy to commence the conversation especially if you lack the correct pick up line. A wrong one won’t help because the end result will be embarrassment. The best one line that you should go for is those that fit challenging situations. Go for something like “you are ugly but the truth is you have intrigued me” Perhaps this line is surprising considering the fact that you want to get her. An explosion or outburst may occur but the truth is she will talk. Try that and see if it will not work. The same thing applies when you are dating in an online dating site. Such pick up lines will work in case you meet a stubborn one.

5. Biblical pick up lines

You need not meet in the church in order to make use of a biblical pick up line. In fact, there are several biblical lines that can get you started. For instance, mention something like “I love you the way Adam loved Eve”. Similarly “I guess you need someone to go to church with you always, will you choose me?”

6. Sexy pick up lines

“Use sexy pick up line to make her want you”

Every conversation is an online dating site is hot and horny. If you are using a webcam, definitely he/she will see what you do. Walk closer to her and say, “nice legs, what time do they normally open”? Such utterances will spark something. There is nothing that a girl loves than appreciating her body. On the other hand, ladies can comment the masculine bodies of their dudes. Sexy pick up lines normally revolve around the physical structure of the partner. You may also consider commenting on their appearance while in their sexy outfits. For example, you may say something like, “Your dress covers a sexy body”.

7. On the road pick up lines

Pick up lines that fall in this category can also be used in any online dating site. Even though they work well when you are with the partner face to face, they can also be used to add some flavor while dating online dating. What is simpler than saying “I am new in the site and I am sure I will get lost if I don’t get your company, could you direct me to your heart”?

8. Pet walking

Perhaps he/she has given in their profile that they keep pets. You may come up with a pick up line that reads “did I hear your dogs bark, they want to date, can we arrange for their meeting?

9. Coffee shop pick up lines

Perhaps, you have been eyeing her for some time now. You may have met at a coffee shop but perhaps you have not shared much. Tease her by saying, “I will send you a mail at .

10. My handsome

This is primarily meant for ladies. It is meant to pump some energy in a guy who seems to have minimal interest. Say “I thought you would like us to meet and that is why I have introduced myself to you” Definitely, how could a man not want to meet a lady?

The bottom line

There are thousands of pick up lines that we can make use of in any online dating site. Each category of pick up line is unique in one way or the other but they are intended to carry similar messages – romantic messages. It should always be remembered that pick up lines are expressed in a light tone of voice.

Why should you invest in finding pick up lines that work?

Most pick up lines fail to deliver. Therefore, it pays to select working pick up lines. As if that is not enough, it is important to accompany every pick up line with a smile. Always bear in mind that a smile is the best pick up line that you should never fail to use. By adhering to the simplest guidelines that have been provided, you will be surprised by how well the above pick up lines work.